Back to The Original Serene Beauty | Glamping Dome Tent

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people are tired of city life. Facing the cold concrete building for a long time, people […]

Luxury Glamping Tent is Our Best Choice for Outdoor Hotels

The camping lodge tent can be built according to the terrain of the tea mountain, surrounded by lush green tea forests, and the tents are dotted […]

Luxury Glamping Tent Allows You to Experience Natural Life Between Mountains And Rivers

The Luxury glamping tent is currently one of the resort’s most popular accommodations. The “wildness” in the region makes it have natural beauty, and the “luxury” […]

Luxury Glamping Tent Brings You A Different Experience of The Natural Environment

The rise of Glamping tents has driven the development of many industries. More and more small partners are investing intent hotels. BDiR tent hotel is a […]