Have You Experienced The Luxury Glamping Tent That Relieves Your Stress?

Are you worried about the noise in the city? Are you unable to liberate yourself because of the busy work in the city? Don’t worry, BDiR […]

Luxury Glamping Tent Brings You A Different Feeling During Your Vacation

In the past, we used to make scenery in the hotel, no matter how well we did it, we always brought a touch of craftsmanship. Now […]

The Camping Tent Has Gradually Become the Mainstream Pursuit of Glamping Resorts

Glamping tents give the impression that it is a must-have item for outdoor camping, which can block wind, rain and sunlight. Eco tent occupy the market […]

Wild Luxury Tent Hotel-a Unique Wild Lodging Hidden in Nature

BDiR Inc. is the best accommodation building for wild luxury camping. It not only has a unique architectural style, but also a prefabricated building is easier […]