FAQs about Luxury Tents

Please find answers to several Frequently Asked Questions about The Luxury Tents as below.
If you still have any question, feel free to reach out to us. We will do our best to give you a satisfactory answer. Thank you.
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1 What is included with the tent?
Pricing usually includes the PVDF&PVC Roof, Glass Door & Window, Tent Body, Steel or Wooden frames and all components. Prices exclude freight and related costs, duties and taxes, wooden platforms, sub structures and decking, electrical, plumbing, interior furnishing, fixtures, appliances, installation.
2 Do you do site inspections?
Where possible we like to visit our customers’ property. It is not always easy to do so however. If the customer requires it however, we will get there – as long as all costs are covered. Site inspections are more common when the project is turnkey or for a large quantity of tents.
3 Do you offer custom tents?
Yes. We will make any custom tent that is possible. Our design team will work with the customer’s architect or designer to try meet the customer’s wishes. Customization will definitely impact cost and lead time, depending on the complexity of the design. Larger tents may need structural design and engineering.
4 Do you tents require a deck for them to be built on?
Yes, our tents require a wooden deck preferably, or a concrete base would suffice. The tents need to be secured to a solid base, which is easily achieved.
5 Do you supply the decking?
We recommend that the customer source it locally and have it installed themselves. We can supply but the cost of materials and shipping costs do not make sense.
6 Do the tents have insulation?
We have an insulated double-wall fabric that can be used for the tent roof. Also we use Insulation/glass panel for tent wall.
7 What frames do you offer?
We offer Q235 Steel frames, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum alloy. We recommend the stainless steel options for any coastal climates where high erosion could be expected. Also use stainless steel if you are in climates with high humidity or a rain forest.
8 Are the tents UV protected?
Yes, our tents with PVDF fabric are UV protected and proven to handle sun in extreme conditions. Ideal for setting up resorts in Namibia, Kalahari, Sahara, Sonoran and other desert climates.
9 Do your tents offer groundfloor?
It is an option, but we recommend alternative flooring such as wood, tiles etc. A PVC groundfloor tends to cheapen the tents and has a lot of wear and tear.
10 Are the tents considered “Temporary Structures”?
Yes, in most counties, the tents are classified as temporary structures, not requiring building permits. It is important however consult with your local authority to enquire about permits required for your specific project.
11 Who handles tents installation?
Each tent has an installation manual. Some customers set-up their own tents with guidance online from our teams as needed. Another option is for us to send a supervisor from the factory and would quote therefore as requested.
12 What is the ordering process for the tents?
Once you have decided what and how many tents you require, a set of drawing will be generated for you to approve. Upon approval, 50% of the tent cost is required. Payment for the balance is due prior to dispatch of the tents from the factory. Shipping costs can either be paid directly or to us prior to delivery of the order. We accept direct wire transfers or checks.
13 How much does shipping cost?
You will be provided with a freight quote estimate to a destination port once we have determined what tent design(s) and quantity(s) are required. Please keep in mind that brokerage, import duties, taxes, and other costs related to shipping/import at the destination country port, are not included in the freight quote estimate that we send you. Also, some countries require specific documents for clearing purposes that are not considered “standard.” So it’s always good to confirm with your local shipping agent or specialist exactly what documents they need prior to the shipment arrival. Shipping quotes are valid for only 30 days and we handle all freight logistics to destination ocean port or airport.
14 What happens if a change is requested after the order has gone into production?
We will do our best to accommodate any change requests depending on the stage in the manufacturing process. Please note changes may incur additional fees and may delay the manufacturing lead time greatly due to modifying CAD drawings as well as placement in the production line.