How to InstAllATION a Fabric Tent?

The glamping tent is a prefabricated modular structure and has low requirements for the terrain. It can easily solve the problems that are difficult to build in various natural environments (such as mountains, seas, deserts and other special remote environments). The overall structure is simple and light and can be quickly erected and disassembled. Compared with hotels with traditional fixed buildings, tent hotels have a relatively low cost. There is no need for complicated building approval procedures and large equipment to build. The entire hotel can be built in a short time. The construction process will cause minimal damage to the surrounding natural environment. It can also be disassembled and reused in other places, which is in line with the concept of green tourism architecture.


1. Place all the components on a level, clean-swept ground. Check you have all components & drawings. Each pipe has two code stamps on both ends. Distinguish and sort them out according to the assembly plan.

2. Confirm a flat ground where covers a radius larger than your dome’s in each direction from the center. Draw a right circle and mark the position of the door.

3. Start base installation form the door position you’ve placed, Lay the pipes along the circle and connect the base place with the pipes. Then prepare the first layer of pipes and connect them with the connectors.

4. After finishing the previous layer, prepare the next layer of pipes just as you did before. Attach them to their designated knots followed by the horizontal pipe layer.

5. Assemble the roof part on the ground. With the help of a ladder or scaffold o put it on the top to connect with adjacent knots.

6. You will pull the membrane on the frame. When it comes to a large dome construction, it may require heavy machineries like forklifts and cranes.






Steel Brazing

Applicable to the ground that can be destroyed. Steel brazing refers to the use of steel brazing to smash deep into the soil. This method is mainly applicable to lawns or mud soil, asphalt ground, etc.


Counterweight Fixation

For the case where the hard ground cannot be destroyed, the counterweight fixation method will be used, such as granite floors, etc., and the heavy storage will be used to suppress the large storage tent to fix the building to ensure the stability.


Expansion Screw

If the ground can be damaged for a relatively hard ground, the method of fixing with an expansion screw is generally selected, such as cement ground. This method can increase the stability of large storage tents, and the fixed cost is relatively low.





Installation Guide

1. Installation drawing;

2. Installation video guide;

3. Technical support;

4. Site instruction;



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