Seeking the most Original Leisure

As a kid, your idea of the perfect getaway probably would have included only a few simple things, like proximity to the closest milk bar and easy access to the nearest beach or lake. But Now, Luxury Tent only the best, don’t you?

For people living in cities, they want to break through the urban life of reinforced concrete, and they want to experience a quiet and slow life in their leisure time! Find a piece of innocence in nature.



1. Ingeniously turn-key camping tent solution
We are the professional and experienced sustainable tourism tents manufacturer and supplier. By virtue of a pool of open-minded designers, innovative personnel for R & D, proficient installation team, and a high-performing sales team, we provide aluminum alloy prefabricated tent products with an optimal design that meets every clientele’s exact specifications and requirements.

2. Exceeding the strict building codes
The entire construction we are strictly in compliance with existing norms & the highest level of safety, giving our customers rest in mind.


 3. Expedite production
Thanks to its high-quality modular construction system, our eco luxury lodge offers an exceptional variety of sizes, shapes and configuration options, and all your wishes and requirements can be quickly and economically solved. Such expedited construction is able to engineer and ship your ideal tents to fit the timing of your project and operational activities.

4. Sustainable and built to last
We believe the greater carbon footprint comes with the greater your moral duty. So from the very start, we engineer luxury camping tent in an eco-friendly way. First of all, we select 100% recycled raw materials and the whole production causes the lowest impact on the environment. Besides, with our specialized design, our luxury accommodation can be pinned to decks or straight into the ground for simply assembly without damaging the surface of the vegetation.